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I have always been inspired by nature and although my work is detailed I am not simply a representational artist. My mission is to explore the emotional symbolism of something like a broken egg in a nest. This for me represents the tension between birth and death, the purity of simple form in contrast with nature’s complex structures and designs. The fragility of the shell which can beak and shatter versus its strength to encompass life and growth. For me this echoes our own psyche and emotional being; vulnerable – strong, fragile – enduring, brittle – tenacious…

I work very carefully, thoughtfully considering composition and juxtaposition of tones and colours. I spend time choosing my palette very carefully as this is the platform from which I build the timbre and mood of the piece.  Often I mix minute portions of the chosen colours to find the subtlest and most appropriate palette.  I am interested in the idea of using lightening and darkening agents  (premixed colours ) instead of white and black.  Complimentary colours come into play as diametrically opposite colours vibrate when juxtaposed. Through this visual chemical vibration I try to express the spirit of inner light and darkness.

The common thread in my work is my interest in the dynamics between diametrical opposing energy, structures fabrics and feelings. I am fascinated by the movement of the ocean waves expressing the rhythm of life and the force and strength of nature. Its turbulence and calm reflect our inner world. Following the ebb and flow of froth on the surface helps to read the moods of the deeper waters. I am interested in exploring the fluidity of water against the firm resistance of hard rock. My most recent work; ‘Falling Water’ combines the energy from the fountain of happiness and light with the deep inner sadness from the darker side of night.

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